Component purchase to build the PFC


Dear All

I’m working for an agricultural company and want to build the PFC on my own in Korea.

Your information on the following questions will be deeply appreciated:

(1) Where can I purchase the parts from Korea?

I got into the following website: Open Agriculture Supply where they provide the most parts.
(LED and chillers are not included.)

I found some are purchasing from or hardware stores.

So where can I buy the items at reasonable price as the resident out of the US?

(2) Is there any guide or instruction that I can follow the process to build the PFC?

(3) Where can I download “the open software” to run the PFC?

Your swift help will be really grateful.

Ok Han

OpenAG in South Korea

Couple quick questions:

A. What makes you want to build a PFC (what’s your goal)? You mentioned you’re working for an agricultural company, are they in CEA industry or open-field?
B. What experience do you have with software/hardware?
C. What is your budget/resources available? Do you have laser cutter/equipment access?

LED & Chillers can’t be bought right now, you’ll have to source those on your own.

  1. Here are some threads regarding Korean builds, I would recommend you reach out to these individuals via private message. It may be that they already have one or can offer you some really helpful information:
    I want to sell PFC in korea
    Want to build a food computer in Korea
    Where are you building your Food Computer?
    Hi~ is there any korean?
    @house @JInHyuck

  2. Here is some helpful information I posted a few weeks ago:
    ACTUAL costs of computer from experience



Dear Peter

Thank you for your tips.

I contacted a couple of Korean residents after having the Korean list from you.

The following is quick answers to your questions.

A. My company is a software developer in agriculture and we’ve found the PFC is an ideal model to collect the data from the plant growth.
We’re creating a team to build the PFC as a key project.

B. I can handle the basic software/hardware system. Also I can get support from my engineers.

C. Fow now, the company will provide full support for the project. We may have to buy some tools with the components of the PFC.

If you don’t mind, can you offer your contact information such as email address?

Kind Regards

Ok Han

[Business Card Ok Han Kim]