Contribution to Open Ag software framework


Hi Team,
I am a software engineer, I would like to contribute to Open Ag framework, and I had 4 RasPIs (Generation 2). However, I don’t have the food computer with me, Please let me know how can I support.



Do you have an Arduino Mega?
You can run openag_brain(the main ROS repo) with a RasPi and Arduino Mega.

I’d suggest starting with the wiki and also the openag_brain repo to begin researching.


Thanks, @spaghet, let me go thru the wiki. Meanwhile, i don’t have the Arduino Mega. Do I need to buy one for this prototype?


Currently, the firmware is made for the Arduino Mega, so you would need one to run anything.

It would also help to have the same sensors and actuators so that you can check that everything is running, or you could work on expanding the firmware library by using new sensors as well! One of the projects that’s been dangling is backwards compatibility with the PFC1 hardware so that might be a fun project.