Cost for Building a PFC


Dear OpenAg community,

I am really amazed with the Open Agriculture community and Forum and I am looking forward to building my own food computer. After searching through the forum I have only managed to find one post related to cost (i am new to forum, so maybe i haven’t properly searched, sorry if so). Is there anyone who could give an approximate value for the total cost of the materials and components that would be great.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hello Albert,

There is a Bill of Materials in the wiki:

That’s for the 2.0. I can’t tell if it is finished, so you might want to wait a little bit more. See this thread, and better read all the post.

Hope it helps


@aguadopd thanks for the info :slight_smile: i actually realized that there was the cost after downloading the file and then i wanted to delete the post but didnt find how :sa:

Well anyway thanks for the support!


You are welcome! Will be useful for someone in the future maybe.