Curious to know what forum software this is?


I feel weird posting this here. If it is not appropriate you can delete this post/topic.

Hi, i have friend who is interested in starting an open plant breeding forum. I really like the look of this forum. Do you know what forum software it is? Is it open source? is it some sort of plugin for wordpress?




I’d be interested to be a part of that community, please create a post when it’s up and running.

@BioLumo, I’ve really appreciated some of your older posts. I’m curious if you’re still growing indoors at all, I’m glad to see you back on here!


Thanks @Webb.Peter! Yes, actually i am! quite minimally at the moment though. I got very busy and so my idea of a food cube made out of that t-slot and white shower tile stuff was never finished. I hope to come back to it and finish it soon. But i’ve been busy with school and other projects. And thanks! I need to start browsing the forum and catching up. Maybe i will update a thread about my summer plant breeding projects this summer.

okay i will remember to come and let you know about it if and when it is up and running. I am going to suggest they use a good modern forum software like Discourse. It should be showing up under the newly formed OSSI Open Source Seed Initiative website. Currently the old plant breeding forum i visit is the Alan Bishop Homegrown Goodness forum. But it is older software and is showing it’s age. Still HG has a wealth of unique plant breeding information, unique and interesting plant breeding projects, and a cool seed sharing network. Check it out even though it’s old.

Those big LED grow lights i mentioned before really came in handy and really work. I don’t like how much UV light leaks out though and the red/blue color scheme is hard on my eyes. Next time i will get some that have full white spectrum or have more white leds built in.

But yes, i am currently growing an F2 [Solanum pennellii x domestic tomato] hybrid indoors this winter! It is a massive huge monster tomato plant! Let me see if i can post a picture or two. My crappy phone camera does not do this thing justice and it is already bigger than when i took the picture!