Current build for growing swiss chard in a low pressure aeroponic setup


Hello everyone!
I am a small scale hobbyist grower who is looking to make some friends and learn how to build a food computer. I am also quite interested in various types of hydroponics, specifically aeroponics and aquaponics. Currently, I am building a small low-pressure aeroponic system and hope to be running a high-pressure setup sometime in the next year.

My next posts will be pictures of the current build, any recommendations or feedback would be greatly appreciated. My crop will be swiss chard and possibly some tomatoes, will be running them in 4" pvc.

Thanks for looking.


Hi Inorganic,

My system has been on pause but I had a lot of success for 3-3 years with rainbow Swiss Chard.

I was using a low-pressure aeroponic set-up run by an arduino in a small greenhouse with supplemental LED lighting.

Plants were growing in grodan grow cubes situated in net pots (about 50) arranged around a 55 gallon barrel with a misting wand in the middle.

They were quite tasty…best of luck!