Database of growth requirements for common food plants


Does anyone know of an open dataset that has attributes for common food plants?
germination rate, time to matrurity, average yeild, plants per acre, ideal root zone temp, soil alkalinity, etc.

I’m writing some opensource tools that to help plan and gauge the performance of a grow. It makes attempts at yeild predicion based on available space and a factor for the method / tech you use.

Up till now ive been extracting this info from various pdfs and its pretty painful. As we start to grow more and more things for ourselves i feel that its pretty important information to know. These instructions should map back to a repository of food computer recipes etc.

if you don’t but have some ideas of the attributes you feel are important i would love to hear them. i am a novice gardener at best and you all have so much more experience than me.


I haven’t found any comprehensive database online. I’m in the same boat as you in just scouring pdf’s from Cornell, UC Davis, etc.