Detailed instructions for a newbie


I came across the TED video online and being interested in growing veg in UK, I was very interested in this. As I have only just come across this, I do not know where to start.
Where would I find the construction details for the box and equipment needed?
Sorry if it is in plain sight, but I am a little lost :slight_smile:


Start here:

Everything you need is linked from that page. Good luck!


No offense intended KiWiRay, but that link is not very helpful for a newbie. My first visit to your suggested URL left me in a circular loop on the Open Agricultural website. The closest thing to instructions is a video. There is a link referring to documentation but that just takes you to the GitHub repositories.

I consider myself a nerd, and have built many projects from scratch. The above link is making me think about turning in my techie card. The Build a Personal Food Computer link contains a great overview of the concept, but it lacks details.

Newbies: Please read before diving in. I found the Wiki a much better starting point.

Good luck.


Fair enough. I went to the PDFs on that GitHub repo and went from there and haven’t found I’ve needed to look at the Wiki yet, but it was a while ago so I’ve forgotten how long the initial “what am I looking at” period took…