Downloading data and accessing the Database


Hello all,

I am trying to download the data using the gro-ui application. I have the system running and I can see the data from all of the different sensors.

When I click on the download button, a new window opens up with date, time and the different sensors data. When I input the data (in 24 hour format), I don’t see any new button or anything to click on to download the data. What am I missing?

Does someone knowns which DB the app is using, user name and password and the schema?

Thank you

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@boanosa I also tried downloading the grow data but wasn’t successful.

From what I’ve seen, the Django app (gro_api) is configured to use an SQLite database. The problem is that the file that contains this database has 0 bytes and when I open it, it’s empty (or at least I couldn’t the find the data in it).

It could be that it always loads initial fixtures at start up for it to run, but it also stores at least some information. When you reboot it, some data is kept, like the plants you sowed or harvested, recipe runs, etc.

I haven’t looked into this app thoroughly, but this information is there.
It would be nice if someone had already studied it and could tell us, but I’m not sure if this is the case.


I have the same problem (can’t download the data) but I have a different question also about the gro-ui.exe. When I use the Mac version, the controls to on/off the actuators do not work. However, when I use the Windows version, they work perfect (I can activate o deactivate lights, humidifier, heater, …).

Somebody else is having the same issue with the Mac version?