Dry fertiliser in EU


Hi all,

I’m looking for dry water soluble fertilisers in Europe. Something to substitute the Jack’s 15-0-0 and 5-12-26.
Anyone know of a online store that sells similar products?


Same problem here… I will visit the AVF summit and the Greentech2016 event in Amsterdam beginning June. I hope to find some suppliers there. When I do, I will let you all know.


Hi, @Peperoni

Did you find a EU based supplier from the summit?
Also how was it?


Hi @silversson ! On Monday I visited the AVF summit which was great. I met a lot of interesting people and attended the speeches and discussions. Main conclusion: Vertical farming is (very) complex, and we have not yet began to understand the true aspects of growing in fully artifical circumstances. Having said that, I also drew my own conclusion that the OpenAG way of ‘open source’ is absolutely the best way forward !! Cheers for the initiators at MIT !
Today the 3 day Greentech conference started which I also visited. The main focus is at commercial tools to increase efficiency of crop production. At the moment Vertical farming is still conceived as ‘too expensive’ for large scale commercialization and you’ll only find some applications for R&D purposes or some really expensive crops (for ‘star’-restaurants) that would make the investment wortth while… we are the ones to proof them differently !
(a 40 foot container, comparable to the food datacenter of OpenAG costs around 55 - 75K euro !!)
As for dry fertilizers: There where a lot of suppliers but…
a) not for the amounts we are looking at. (only wholesale volumes)
b) no one has the N-K-P amounts published on the packaging, so it is hard to find the right ones. Almost all suppliers only mention the application for their fertilizer like: leaf vegetables, strawberries or specific flowers etc…
I’m afraid we need to start some research ourselves and find the best fertilizers on our own. We need to keep ourselves updated on our findings at let the forum work as it should > share information.


So I was browsing the internets and found this

Hakaphos is a water soluble fertiliser. It seems to be quite cost efficient. Not bio but what I have now is Bio and you know what it smells…

Hakaphos is easy to get and it also comes in 500g bags to try out :slight_smile:
I think I’ll go for the 1kg bags as it is almost the same price as the 500g one.

I found one pdf that had instructions and quantities for hydroponics but can’t find it now…