Dubai Food Computer Build


This is my first time contributing to anything on the net but I thought this may be of value to someone though.
I have set out to build a Food Computer v1 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have chosen the v1 as the parts for v2 would be near impossible to find here and I suspect this is the case in most other parts of the world.

Initially I gathered components from friends that were returning from travelling abroad. I have since found out that most things are pretty easily attainable here.

These are the local websites that will deliver within a few days.

I found a maker space called Originbase here and for a relative price they provide a wood shop, metal shop and laser cutters.

There were still major issues in finding the building material. I swapped all of the PVC board with white acrylic.

The plans for the dimensions were ok but there is also no punched angle iron available so using the measurement for drilling the holes had to be modified to available material. Which isn’t square and the holes aren’t uniform

I cut up about 6 feet according to the required dimensions before I realized that the hole pattern must match exactly for both sides of the motherboard dock. Also the holes had to be marked only after measuring each piece. This made the work long than anticipated.

The extruded insulated foam isn’t used for insulation here, rather it is used for refrigerated cold rooms and are not available in 4 x 8 sheets.

They are also about 2 inches thick rather than 1. So I added that to the dimensions of the board so it will sit flush…hopefully.


Looks great Joe! Keep us posted on how it goes. I’m in Canada but have been acquiring components in the U.S. for PFC 2.0 I ship them to my hotel before I go on business and then bring pieces back.


Hi! I am in dubai can I help and participate?


Hey Joe, thanks for sharing, I am excited to see how it progresses!

I am a graduate student at MIT who is volunteering with the OpenAg Initiative. My background is in manufacturing, so one of the things I am interested in exploring is how we can make the PFC a more accessible build for people in different parts of the world. I’ve lived in quite a few places myself (including 3 years in the UAE!), so I know many components and raw materials available in the US are really tough/expensive to get elsewhere.

You said you had some trouble getting hold of parts for the V2. Are there specific items that were particularly hard/expensive to get based on where you are? I would love to get some insight into your experience to help me identify sourcing pain points I can help address.


Hello Joe,

Thanks for sharing your project, I am in Dubai as well and intend to build a food computer. Would be great to run some ideas by you and potential sourcing of materials.