DXF files for Power supply holder


After a long seach I found I guy, who can cut the pieces I need for the power supply holder, but he need dxf files… Could anyone be helpful? and send them to me? as shown on the picuture?


Hi JMarkling,

I need the exact same thing, the PDF files for the power supply brackets PFC2-SHT-0013 and PFC2-SHT-0016 does not match the pictures supplied. If you find the DXF files please send my way. :slight_smile:


Hello JMarkling,
I was able to get the DXF files for the power supply. :grinning: Please email Ian Mceachern @info@openagriculturesupply.com for the files. He also creates the food computer kits and can make the power supply if you need. I hope this helps.


Thank you, Ian sent them to me.