Dynamic Misting Frequency


Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking into some optimization techniques for plant growth. I’d like to work on making a dynamic food computer, which optimizes for whatever plant is being grown. This method is different from the fixed recipe method, in that it tries to be agnostic to the type of plant being grown, and just looks at the speed and yields produced.

I’m pretty new to all this, but have done a lot of research so far, as well as spoken to a few aeroponic startups. None of them seem to optimize for speed and yield, and is a major obstacle for them to scale, which is why I want to tackle this side of things.

I have a general framework that could work, but I’d like to hear some ideas on how the misting frequency can be made dynamic in an aeroponic setup. My idea is to look at the evapo-transpiration (ET) rate of the plant as a measure of growth - the higher the ET, the greater the growth. This can be modeled using the Penman-Monteith equation to predict the expected ET, and based on sensor readings, the misting cycle can be adjusted to ensure that ET does not decrease (control theory approach). Other factors, such as light and nutrient requirements can be assumed to be met by the plant, as I already have theoretical systems to maintain this, and thus, only the misting cycle is being observed.

I’m open to discussion on whether this is a viable way to look at it, or if there are better ways.

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The benefit of dynamic misting frequency will depend on the level of control you have over the mist :wink: