Energy conscious


Hi all,

I was wondering how to monitor the electricity use of the Food computer.
Anyone have a good idea on it?

I am currently leaning toward this option but no idea how reliable it is.
Also not sure if the clip on sensor can do the job…


paging @jake… do you know if this has been explored for the V2 yet?


I recommend just using a Kill a Watt on the main line to the PFC. Simple solutions are often the best.


My company manufactures kWh meters but these are too expensive for this purpose. A 19 dollar meter will probably do fine as a 5-10% deviation is not such a big issue here.
The led lighting might have a negative effect on the power factor though. Make sure the meter incorporates Pf measurement. Another side effect of led drivers could be harmonic distortions. With 1 food computer that should not be an issue but running more on the same breaker could cause unexpected tripping…


They sell a variety of analog voltage and current sensors on amazon that use the 5V logic of an Arduino That way you can log the data.

The Kill A Watt only displays the usage but doesn’t log the history. Vernier makes the Watts Up Pro but it is fairly expensive.


I went with Arendo energy cost meter

It is kind of a half way on Kill A Watt and Watts Up Pro. Dirt cheap also :slight_smile:

I do like the idea of adding a current sensor to even all the different parts of the Food Computer to determine where the energy goes. That would be a cool addition. Great idea @dan