Energy Consumption


I want to know how much energy consumption is there in this type of farming and how is it better than importing crops?
Also, I would like to know about the cost of growing and the production per sq M.


This question has been asked before and I can see your point: Is it economical vialble ?
But take a look at the (hidden) costs of transport. Although vertical farming is not competetive with the cost of importing food from long distances, you do need to consider the fact that all fossil fuels are subsidized by taxpayers who pay for the effects of land-, water and air pollution. Recent studies have shown that these costs, when included in the purchase price of fossil fuels would raise the end-user price up to 100%.
Take that number and calculate again the cost of verical farming compared to importing crops…
The cost per sq M depends on your geographical location, there is no generic number here I think.


I asked similar question here – Power Consumption of FC.

The consumption of one FC should be around 72.3 kWh per month. I took official BOM and calculated consumption of all major electric devices in FC. It means this result is theoretical, I did not made an exact measurement of actual FC (because I did not have one).


This whole area of energy consumption is one of critical import and something that we here in the UK want to look very closely at.

For a fair appraisal we need to consider all of the many factors, including the life cycle energy use of the equipment used, etc.

The real holy grail for me is to produce organic food using nothing but renewable energy.