Existing Aeroponics systems overviews


Found this excellent working aeroponics system explanation by a group of teens, Tribe Awesome , should be useful for any more newbies like me, http://tribeawesome.com/, still not sure whether V1 is aquaponics or aeroponics or both ??? think I’ll be aiming for Aeroponics.

Just found another link from the NCBI in America, It’s a research paper on the ’ Design and construction of an inexpensive Home made Plant Growth Chamber ’ . The chamber size is a lot bigger than OpenAG Bot but the principles are the same.Have yet to read the full report but it may have some interesting tips, like taking readings in Fahrenheit with their sensor because 1 degree F is 0.56 degrees Centigrade.

Aeroponic System Categorization (flex/vertical/horizontal trays)

Hi John! I can’t be sure, but my impression from Caleb’s TED talk is that their shipping container sized implementation of the tech uses the ‘misting’ aeroponics version, while our shrunken down version uses hydroponics (based on the water pumps and pH adjusters in the BOM). I’m sure we’ll discover how effective they both are as people complete their builds.


Hi JamesO, thanks for info, still gathering info and ideas on processes involved and trying to fit them into the physical space of the fridge and it’s freezer compartment so I need to either choose between hydro and aero or maybe make it possible to have both available. Also have not yet worked out the air-con. It turns out that the fridge does actually work and I’m thinking it would be great if a way could be found so that the cooling capacity could be used either for cooling the nutrient solution or in climates with a high ambient temperature cooling the incoming air temperature???


Ahh, I see your issue. Although I do not have any personal experience, I have heard about issues with using a refrigerator as a cooler in terms of cooling computers. From my limited understanding, a constant heat load from a the grow lights or other sources can really quickly wear down your fridge. I’ve never tested it, and perhaps there are workarounds, but that would be something I would investigate.


Found this link, https://youtu.be/2EO-3ut4Rsg, about starting root growth with a mister.

Jim Conner has more videos about his aquaponics greenhouse build.

Mr Gadget also posted this video link about Jim’s work on building an automated nutrient mixer , https://youtu.be/VhsCcR7YEXI. in the, Sourcing nutrients: Process automation, category