Experimenting with fogponics, could you help?


Regarding fogponics and using ultrasonic piezo tranducer…heating up nutes was more a concern in the warmer months.

The bigger issue in my experience was fog volume and fogger maintenance: in low nute solutions (<=1 EC) it worked OK but these needed cleaning regularly. I didn’t clean the ceramic discs so gradually they got worse and worse.

For higher EC growing (2-3 EC) my 5-head fogger just didn’t create as much fog. http://thehouseofhydro.com/store/p84/5_Disc_Mist_Maker.html


Hi Atom,
I’m attempting to find a similar accumulator tank in North America, do you know if this is equivalent to a reverse osmosis tank?
Also, what pressure do you charge the air (when empty).
Much appreciated.


Hi pvenergyman,
Its a bit big for RO storage :wink: A lot of stateside hpa growers go for the big well saver tanks, ive no experience of them but if they are suitable for potable water theyll be fine. If you can find one with a replaceable bladder vs a non replaceable diaphragm you wont have to replace the whole thing if something goes south. Ive had mine for years and havent had any issues (touch wood now ive tempted fate ). The air precharge on my tanks is 78psi, the large tanks rarely get below 90psi before i recharge them. As i manually recharge, i can put in anything from an extra hours run time to a full charge.


Thank you all for such comprehensive thread.
I’m now building an aeroponic system for basil using vertical pipes and HP misters.
But now I’m thinking about using ultrasonic foggers. Such an idea is extremely tempting because you do not need to use all these tubes, accumulators, high-pressure pumps, etc. After reading some information (including this thread) I see next disadvantages of using ultrasonic foggers:

  • heating. Maybe solved by using water coolers (like these ones that used in saltwater aquariums for keeping the water at the same temperature). As for cooling a root zone using fans - I think it is a bad idea. The biggest treat of aeroponics is a roots dring out. And with fans + extremely fine mist, such situation will become more probable.
  • clogging. IMO it’s not a problem to clean these foggers once a year
  • roots pomping. IMO this is the main problem. Due to an extremely fine mist that US foggers produce, plants start to build huge roots, that may finally close tightly all the space. An in my situation (growing basil in vertical pipes) there will be a bottleneck for the fog to spread through a pipe.

Could you please comment on my thoughts?

PS Sorry for my English)


My students tried using internal ultrasonic foggers and the heated generated was significant. They concluded, albeit without extensive testing, that using HPA was probably a better option than adding a cooling system as it would be one less system to malfunction and one less parameter to measure. They also noticed that scale built up within the first week from the nutrients. They would be interested in hearing whether the benefits of using a finer mist vis-a-vis a fogger and cooler are significant enough to choose it over an HPA system creating 50 micron mist.


FYI, this other thread has some additional discussion of cooling systems for fogponics and pros & cons compared to HPA: