Fan louvre in the growing box


Dear all, as we are building the growing box with the insulation foam and the corruplast, we have a question: does this box have a fan louvre to facilitate air ventilation? In the CAD files, I don’t see any hole in the foam box, however, I see a hole in a render picture. Also, the BOM has two fan louvres, one is for the motherboard but we don’t have any instructions about where to install the second fan … any idea or suggestion?

Pau and Rafa


Good point. I think I’m going with the cad pictures way. Having an extra hole in the cover. Although I wasn’t thinking on putting a that vent cap on it…


This was the last thing I did on my shell was to drill the hole for the venting fan. I places the plastic and shell together. duct taped them to hold them in place, they cut both out at the same time to ensure a good fit.


Thank you for the hint. Good idea to drill the hole with foam and plastic together. Will do the same


Oh, and I didnt have a hole bit for my drill, so I just cut it with a hand saw. slowly.