Feature PFC at Indoor Agcon Booth


I recently won a free booth at Indoor Agcon in Las Vegas in May. Since it is kind of last minute, I am not really prepared. Although I have not built a complete PFC myself, it has been an big inspiration for the hydroponics + tech work I have done. I would like to have a working PFC at the booth, to highlight this community and the interesting work that people are doing here.

Is anyone able to ship a PFC to Las Vegas? I can cover expenses. If you would like to come with your PFC I can get you discounted tickets. I can include your name and any other relevant info at the booth and marketing materials.

If you can’t spare a PFC for a week, does anyone have experience shipping a PFC? Has anyone tried traveling with plants?

If you have any other ideas on how to highlight this community at the booth let me know. Live stream from a PFC? Taste test pesto made with hydroponic basil? I am open to anything.


@bdavis I’ll be presenting at Indoor Ag-Con. I love the idea of having a PFC on-site. @ferguman and I have been hacking on two V2’s for the last year. My concern is mostly with trying to ship it there. Not only would this be costly (it’s pretty heavy) but it’s also quite fragile so I’m not sure how well it would do in transit.

No matter what, I’m happy to help you set up once you’re there and could bring some plants. You might also look into the MVP ($300 Food Computer) - in terms of portability it might be the easiest to ship and assemble temporarily. That being said, it isn’t exactly “pretty” but it would communicate the intent.