First steps, can openag_brain be run without sensors plugged?


This is my first post so: Hello everyone!
I take part on newly created foodhacklab based in San Sebastian (Basque Country). We’re trying to build a fermentabot.

I don’t have sensors at home so I’m trying this all with a “bare” Raspberry. I work as software developer and I’d like to be able to develop and test without needing to plug lots of hardware.

I’ve started following the intructions for “Raspberry Pi Docker installation” on:

But i got a error which seemed to be related to that I have to had plugged an Arduino to the Raspberry Pi. Is that correct? Do I need an Arduino to setup a food computer?

Next I moved into “Raspberry Pi installation from source” as it’s intended to be best for developing purposes but when I run:
rosrun openag_brain main -f default
I get a:
main: error: unrecognized arguments: f

So I try without the -f and then I get (I only type the red lines):
[default] is neither a launch file in package [openag_brain] nor is [openag_brain] a launch file name.

So, my two questions are:

  • Is there any need to have sensors plugged for loading openag_brain, seeing the interface and development purposes?
  • Is there any step to be taken between the “Raspberry Pi Installation From Source” and the “Running” section of the documentation?

Thanks in advance.



Hi David

This applies to the OpenAg Food Computer Version 2.0:

You can probably install all the software on the Raspberry PI without having an Arduino connected however in order to run the ROS nodes you will need the Arduino connected with all the sensors connected to the Arduino.



So if I don’t want to use an arduino I should use a prior version of OpenAg Food Computer?

As far as I want to setup a fermetabot maybe I’ll try a simpler setup.