Food Computer Day 1:


Day One has gone well for the students of Malone. We are all working together. We have interviewed each of the groups and have their feed back. Here are all the groups and how they are doing;

Water Manifold: The water manifold group is working on the water pump. The water pump is essential to keep the plants alive. The builders from this group described their task as “complicated”.

Electric Panel: The electric panel controls heating and cooling for the food computer. The electric panel also controls the oxygen levels. This group described their task as “challenging”.

Social Media: The social media group is “working to spread the word about the food computer” -Nevaeh Scott

Light Panel: The light panel controls the heating and lighting in the food computer. The light panel “acts as the sunlight”. They are having trouble with the mounted location of the red lights and blue lights.

Feedback Group: The feedback group has been overseeing the progress of the light panel group. They stated the group was having trouble with the order of the lights and having some trouble with the direction. This food computer is proving to be a difficult task.

Photographers: The photographers are taking pictures of all the task the groups are working on. Elizabeth Bartenslager stated: “I think it’s pretty interesting” when asked about the food computer building process.

Presenter Planning: The presenter planning group is in charge of finding a presenter to talk to the 8-1 team about agriculture. This group will make calls to local managers and farmers to find if they are available to speak to us.

Power Module: This group is working on putting together the power module. The power module powers the food computer. They stated the task is challenging.

Frame: The frame group is working on putting the frame together. The group was having troubles with the project and restart, but they have fixed the poles and are back to good work.

Logo Creators: The logo creators are creating designs to represent our project.

Journalist: Speaking for ourselves, watching the process of building the food computer is an outstanding experience for our grade. We enjoy receiving feedback from our fellow classmates. Although this is a difficult task, we know our classmates will work together to help advance agriculture and experience the future with the food computers.


Awesome that you have a “feedback group”!

I’ve added a picture to show which colors go where on the light panel instructions, hopefully it helps!