Food Computer in New England area MA?


Hi everyone I’m with a school group and we’re looking to see a food computer in action before we build our own. Any food computers in the New England area? We are in Massachusetts. Thanks!


Hi, we are also trying to build our own food computers. Our school is in the south shore area, half-an-hour or so from Boston. Definitely let us know if we can help!


Good morning to you all, Enthusiastic People.
I just happen to read about the food computer, OpenAg, the MIT initiative. I signed up immediately and am interested in providing this experience for our students. I am a Biology teacher at Stockbridge High School, Henry County Schools, Georgia. We have a STEAM Academy at our school with two Scientific Research classes. Can someone help us get started formally, with contact information or reference, website, etc. to initiate this project at our school? I will appreciate your directions in this as I see that you all are already into this venture. Thanking you in advance.
Josephine Jeganathan


@jjeganathan If you can wait a while to get started, you might try messaging @openag about the new PFC_EDU design and related curriculum (related comment from 2 days ago: Vertical Hydroponics Farm in Our Science Lab)

@Webb.Peter has been coordinating things for schools and libraries using the MVP design.