Food Computer V1 troubleshooting


I am having trouble figuring out the wiring schematic for the protosheild on the Food Computer V1. This is the middle circuit board in the three board sandwich. I followed all of the instructions for soldiering the connections and grove cable ports, but I don’t know where all the wires ending in “-12V” are supposed to connect to. For example: “AAVE-12V”, “NC”, “GND-12V”, “ALPN2-12V”, “12V” and “AACR-12V”. I’m not sure where any of these wires are supposed to connect to. Does anyone have any insight, because to me it seems odd that the arduino has any 12V wires at all.




One of the grove cables (coming from the DC converter) brings in 12v. There is a simpler schematic provided by Adrian Lu. I am guessing you are using the Eagle diagram. This bit was the hardest part for me!