Food Computer V2 working with Hydro- or Aeroponic system?


Hi guys

A friend and I are planning to build the Food Computer V2 and write our bachelor thesis about the future of urban farming.

Are we right with the assumption that the actual Food Computer V2 is working with a Hydroponic system?

If yes, are you planning to upload guidance to use an Aeroponic system instead?

Thank you very much for your respond.
Greetings Simon and Luca from Switzerland



The FC V2 (and V1 for that matter) both use what is referred to as deep water culture which would be considered a type of hydroponic system,.There is much discussion of Aeroponic systems and you should be able to find plenty of information here and elsewhere on building a grow system that contains an Aeroponic grow unit.



Thank you for your fast answer.

Do you have knowledge in both systems? If yes, which system would you recommend us is easier for our first steps in this field?


I would recommend building a feed computer “as designed” and then if you are so inclined building another food computer that uses an aeroponic grow system. The aeropnic grow systems tend to be taller in order to support tall root areas so the current food computer may not be tall enough, but it’s probably straigthforward to build a taller food computer.

Please share your designs as you go along. I’d like to see how this shakes out for you.


We recently put out this design for an aeroponic system. I would recommend you read through this thread, it’s the best resource on aeroponics that I’m aware of.