Food Computers in Central Valley California


I am currently in NYC, moving back to the Sacramento area in 2020 (just sounds cooler than next year!), looking to work towards building a better food computer. My focus, as a Chef, is on the end product. But I want to learn more about the building blocks (any beekeepers or pedologists -soil scientist- out there?) I would like to assist in pushing the capabilities of flavor/texture/color and beyond. Growing up in the San Joaquin Valley (Stockton) and in my travels cooking across the country, I have seen the best produce come from the valley, there is a myriad of subcultures around the country doing awesome work as well! There are infinite variables, but I think much could be learned from the area. I hope there are already people doing this out there, if not, rest assured, there will be. If anyone is already plugging away, I would very much like to work towards making this make sense for as many people that want to be involved. Food computerists unite!

Looking forward to creating awesome food,

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Soil scientist here happy to talk, working to build helpful root zone microbial communities in soil less and soil environments. Spend part of my time in CA (san diego right now) and Washington DC. Happy to share and help wherever I can!

Chris MacDonald - chris at filament dot sciene

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Really appreciate your willingness to share your expertise, Chris. If I am unable to find a collaborator here in New York, I will find some/get my own food computer when I move back to California. Any suggestions on working towards building helpful root zone microbial communities in the mean time?