Food Server BOM


Hi farmers

We are trying to build a unit like a Food Server at Coventry University. Does anybody have advice about procuring the design and installation of the perspex/glass housing? should I approach specialist companies that design and build bespoke glass partitions?

Bit confused as not sure where to source or fabricate external walls. It’s going in a University so it needs to be a professional finish and not DIY.




I wish I had a solid answer for you, the team in STL is actually in the process of trying to figure this out ourselves. We’ve been looking at using acrylic sheeting or even tossing around the idea of greenhouse paneling (might look cool as a mini-greenhouse with supplemental lighting even indoors).

Before I offer any further advice I want to clarify your goals.

  1. What is the intent of your Food Server (growing food, exhibit to attract people towards agriculture, a showcase displaying forms of urban agriculture, or research for acquiring datasets for plant phenotyping?)
  2. Do you want to make an exact copy of the V1 Food Server at MIT Media Lab, or are you trying to design your own? One could argue that it actually looks pretty “DIY” but in some way’s that’s the point.
  3. What is your budget/timeline/resources available to get this project done?
  4. Review this thread I have regarding Food Servers, it contains links to pictures of the entire V1 Food Server at MIT Media Lab at various phases of deconstruction. These are a part of that folder, but this is a specific link to some pictures of the V1 Food Server enclosure.
  5. The enclosure on V1 isn’t glass, it’s plexiglass, there is a wooden frame base with a thick waterproof liner attached (reality is you will spill water/have leaks at some point). The enclosure then goes inside of this frame and is made of what I believe is some sort of 80/20 kit.

Once I have some answers to those questions and better understand your goal I think there is a great opportunity to collaborate on this project.

Perhaps @rheitz can help answer your questions regarding the enclosure as well. I should have a better idea myself in the coming weeks, we’re working on a BOM right now (very rough or I’d share it).