Food Server Documentation (Shipping Container Farms)


Crazy news in the world of ag-tech today, Plenty received 200m in financing which dwarfs even the closest runner up Aerofarms at 34m.

I wanted to post a few container farms I’ve seen recently that stray from what has become a very competitive segment.


Helical Holdings

@Caleb is there any news regarding documentation for the Food Servers? I heard in your EAT presentation that you’re growing Hazelnut trees which is awesome. I also have been seeing pictures on your Twitter of the Bates Lab. I for one would love to see more pictures of what’s going on even if there isn’t time to prepare formal documentation yet.


Over one year later we finally have a location to build our Food Server here in St. Louis. The donation of lighting has been received and we’re beginning to design the farm now. Our goal timeline is to have an alpha release of documentation in about 3 months. I’m very interested in working with other teams developing food servers so please let me know if you’d like to collaborate. I will be making a formal post later regarding this project.


Congrats @Webb.Peter! Great news.


Update: Here’s our prototype for our aquaponic system. We are going to have one of this alpha prototype finished within the next month.

Still deciding on whether to have three tiers, and whether we will have to use a sump pump or not. If anyone has experience with designing “food racks”. The best example yet on these forums is:

We will be posting a BOM/etc in the future. This is EARLY, I still intend to create a whole separate thread about this in the future, just didn’t want to not follow-up:


This is an excellent whitepaper by Agrilyst on the state of Indoor Farming in 2017. If you want a good read on the U.S. Vertical/Container Farming market - this is a good place to start. Real numbers on operational costs, as well as recommendations of crop types.