Foodwall - open source engineering design software for vertical farm greenhouse


I’ve consolidated a lot of information that I have learned about designing vertical farming systems into an open source python package, along with a rather detailed documentation on ResearchGate. I have created it for the purpose of serving the community of AgriTech Engineers who want to democratize food for at-scale systems. I’m reaching out to know if anybody is interested in exploring further - either as peer review, as a user of the software for their own research, or as a collaborator in the next round of research improvements / version updates. The draft report is open for peer review invitations. Anyone from Biology, Architecture, Urban Design, Mechanical Civil Engineering may find the project useful.

The tool is intended for AgriTech Engineers to create customizable vertical farm projects and predict their cost, profitability and sustainability performance. There are a wide range of design configurations that all could potentially meet the specification requirements, each with their own drawbacks and advantages. The aim of the FoodWall project is to provide the Engineer with the tools that enable selection of the best design that has the optimal balance of these trade-offs. The photosynthesis kinetic model is adapted from FvCB, which shows up frequently in literature references.

ResearchGate - Foodwall - Open source Engineering Design Software for Vertical Farming Greenhouse

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