Funding for Food Computers


Hello, OpenAg community!

I wrote grants throughout college, and have experience with the agricultural nonprofit sector. Many private and government organizations offer grants and funding for programs related to child agricultural education. Many of these are specifically targeted at nontraditional agriculture, and programs where the students build the system themselves.

It is encouraging to see so many conversations taking place about Food Computer builds in classrooms, and incorporating OpenAg into education! Please share your story of acquiring funding, and any opportunities you may be aware of to acquire funding for a PFC.

I will be putting together a brief for fellow educators with information about some of the best available grants, and ways to apply for them. What I would love from the Open Ag community is to know how educators are currently going about funding the projects in their classrooms. I will try to find opportunities that are available to everyone in the U.S., but if other community members have suggestions for international or state specific funding, please provide that.

Cara Alexander.

Calling all Educators! Who's using Food Computers in schools?

I found this post from last year that didn’t get any recognition.

Might be useful.


@ceav2b - Wow! Thanks for starting this thread. This technology needs to be open to all, including those with financial limitations. Grateful for your efforts on this front!



@Caleb I contacted the Nation of Makers transition team about them getting involved in our community and got a response with a prize opportunity. Below is part of the e-mail response I received.

One upcoming opportunity that you and your colleagues might be interested in is the Infy Maker Awards, which are $10K awards for makers working on social impact projects. This year’s themes include combating hunger and environmental sustainability, which is a perfect fit the work that you all are doing. I’ve included more details about how to enter the competition below- the deadline is next week, Feb. 28th. The application is really straightforward, you still have time to apply.

Looking forward to staying in touch!



Infosys Foundation USA has launched its second year of the Infy Maker Awards competition to provide $10,000 to adult Makers who are working on social impact projects and tackling important challenges. This year’s themes are education, health, environmental sustainability and combating hunger. The deadline for applying is Feb. 28, 2017
Applying for an Infy Maker Award is very easy:
Upload a 90 second video and a photo
Answer several questions about your project and the problem you’re trying to solve
Press submit!

*Applicants must be 18 or older (19 if you’re in AL or NE) and a U.S. resident to be eligible for an Infy Maker Award.

If you’re a Maker with an innovative solution, we hope you’ll apply! And please feel free to spread the word and share this with others who might be interested in participating. Below are several messages that you can use on social media, if you like:

Have a Maker project in ed, health, environmental sustainability or combating hunger? Enter to win 10K: #whyimake
Infosys Foundation USA is supporting Makers having a social impact in their communities: #whyimake
Makers are tackling local and global problems- Infosys Foundation USA is supporting them with $10K awards! #whyimake


Hello everybody!
It sounds great when I read your posts.
I am interested with a team project that can consider the posibility to perform a part of this project in Chile or Guatemala.
Warm regards!


This is great information! Thank you so much for sharing!


The deadline for entry is in 6 days. Don’t miss it!


Could I get a copy of the brief?


Of course! I will be at work fairly late this evening, and it is on my home computer. I’ll post a google drive link when I get home.