Germination, Transplanting Sprouts Question


Hi Everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed looking through the wealth of info in this forum on aeroponics.

I have a new aeroponics system and have some thoughts on germination/transplanting where I would like some feedback.

Reading through the interwebs and in this forum there are mentions of germinating in different media (coco/rockwool,etc), and I’m familiar with getting plants started in general from years of outdoor gardening.

I’m curious about medium-free germination/transplanting. Has anyone tried to simply sprout seeds in a jar or seed sprouter, as if they were planning on eating the sprouts as sprouts, and, when the cotyledons (first leaves) spread more than a few mm out from the central shoot, dropping the tiny spouts through a root cap (circular disc with hole in the center) with a 3-5mm center hole, exposing the roots to the underlying aero mist and exposing the new leaves to the lights above. The thought is the extended sprout cotyledons would hold the plant above the root cap, similar to how your arms hold you up in a pool tube (except the roots are not underwater, just in the mist chamber).

Thanks for any thoughts or experience you may have with this!


I think it’s totally feasible, although seedlings are extremely delicate.

Reading this made me think about the Aerofarms patent though, you might be interested. They use a cloth rather than any medium to grow:


Thanks! I didn’t know aerofarms had a patent, that’s interesting.