Getting quotes from Mechanical Contract Manufacturers


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This is my first post, and my first post in any type of forum. So please let me know if I not doing this correclty.

I tried contacting several Mechanical contract manufacturers that are listed in Open AG. They told me I needed to provide 3D drawings and to go through a third party that could do this for me. I’m a bit confused. I thought the drawings made available to us could be sent as is to get quotes…Thanks


Can you give an example of the files you sent them?


hi pierre!

i checked in with our hardware folks (and looping in @Poitrast on this response so he can comment), and a 3d drawing file seems like a nice-to-have, but not a need-to-have to get our baseline CNS manufactured.

The files we’ve packed up on getting the PFC manufactured on our wiki include a BOM, the Gerber files, and the Eagle schematic and board files (in GitHub) that should be all a PCB manufacturer should need. have you tried any of the PCB assembly houses we list?

Here’s a handy recommended files from one of those vendors:

thanks for starting this thread - it helps us find out if more details would be helpful for the OpenAg community, so we can supplement/improve our wiki.



@Pierre and @hildreth, it sounds like you may be talking about two different types of manufacturing–circuit board assembly vs. laser cutting acrylic panels.

The mechanical drawings for the pfc-edu v4.0 design are here:

[edit: If you want to verify what’s in the CAD files, AutoDesk has a free online viewer that you can use if you sign up for an AutoDesk account. Fair warning though: if you don’t have any previous experience with CAD software or drafting in general, you may find the viewer challenging to understand.]

Hardware Version 4.0

Thanks. I think I have the right files now. Thanks for responding.