Getting ready for the Grow


So, I have managed to come down to the last few steps of the build… still waiting on a few sensors to arrive and I am looking ahead to the growing stage of things. However, I dont know where to begin. does anyone have some good places to start. My son really wants to grow strawberries and my wife likes red bell peppers. Is this too ambitious?

Can the seeds be started in the food computer, or should I buy a germination starter box?


Hi Josh,
We have decide to use a small sprouting box
We start soft with letuce, in order to validate all the process first,but we are still a the “wait for leaf” stage.


Are you guys planning to use a separate sprouting box or a tray and then transfer them into FC?
I guess you could also plant them into the FC streight away.

Sprouting box offers the advantage of using a sprouting tray/box is that you can use a fertiliser that is meant for rooting and then use a nutrition in the FC for growth and bloom.

I been trying to figure out the nutrition fluid. The one mentoined in the BOM is not available in EU. So I got a boxed set from Advanced hydroponics only to notice that its made for growing Mary Jane :slight_smile: I guess it will work also for other stuff :slight_smile:

Trying to find nutrition solutions online that are not meant for MJ is a bit of a challenge :slight_smile:


I do use the sprout box so I can use a sprouting booster solutions. Indeed most of the stuff you found in shops are for “spicy basilcum”, but it seems it works , here is what I use


You can definitely start in the food computer if you want!

You would fill the reservoir with the water (no fertilizer yet), balance the water to pH ~6, plant the seeds, and leave the lights off. Then after 3 days, turn the lights on to a day/night cycle. After 2 or so weeks the seedlings should be ready for a normal climate recipe, including fertilizer in the water - if they have visible roots, they’re probably ready.

Good reasons to start with a germinator starter box instead:
You can plant more than 10 plants (useful because germination rates are usually <100%)
You can germinate while you still have plants maturing in the Food Computer

Strawberries are pretty difficult from seed, they’re often propogated from runners.
Bell peppers should be good - maybe try a small variety though - mini chocolate bell pepper?


We put 2 seeds in very spot, then thin the herd after 1 week. have been VERY lucky with germination. We germinated cotton seeds in the FC that we tried in the ground a number of times.

If read a few forums on hydroponics (after all, this is a hydroponic growing system) that recommend a different lower EC fertilization during germination, then raise it after. I suppose experimentation will be needed.

We have had lights out during until we see leafs (or leaf depending on what you are growing) then resume light cycle. Our thinking process (may be flawed) is that if its outside, this is how new plant would be exposed to the natural environment.


Let it grow , let it grow, let it grow…:notes: