Got a burning desire to make PFC come alive in Taiwan


Hi all,

My vision is to build a PFC with my team, and teach the community how to use it, and educate the kids about the language of plants.

I am from Taiwan,and is new to this big family. So excited to be here, this semester got an opportunity to work with a disadvantaged community through community involvement class.
This group is a church community located next to industrial region. They hope to grow a traditional farm in their back yard, however, obviously, the land could have been polluted, thus i proposed an idea to them:
Why not build a personal food computer?
sounds new to my teacher, as well as the people. After communication, they began to get it and started to be excited.

Hope, i can continued to press forward to help my team, teacher and the people see the possibility of PFC.
we are just started, still got a long way to go.
we will keep digging in the forum.
just grateful to be here.

thank you all for the amazing effort.


Hello there,
Are you still interest in building this food computer? I am a Taiwanese, too. Perhaps, we get a chance to do this together. I’m a tech teacher, as well as a maker of Long Shan Tech. and Maker Center at a junior high in Taipei city. I’ve been doing research on this project for a while.
It’s not available in Taiwan to get PFC_EDU 3.0. Maybe we can figure out a way build it locally. Or someone on the community can show us the way buy one?


Cool! My project has been canceled since then, but I am so glad that you are interested.
I still believe that it can be done in Taiwan.
How can I best contact you? my line ID: shoutaoh
I live in Taichung, but I can go to Taipei for the project if necessary.


Hi guys I am interesting for this, may I join with you? I live in New Taipei City.
Nice to met you here.


What’s up guys. Guess what I am also on my way to build this machine.
I still live in Nagasaki , Japan till February.
After I get back to Taipei. Me and some friends are going to build our own MVP.
My goal is to grow all the ingredients for making a pizza.
feel so good to know there are so many nerdfarmers in Taiwan. :))



You said that’s not available in Taiwan to get PFC_EDU 3.0. So I wanna know which parts of that? The frame? The CNS? Or other stuff?
Tell me ASAP so I can gather these units in Japan before going back home.