Got a burning desire to make PFC come alive in Taiwan


Hi all,

My vision is to build a PFC with my team, and teach the community how to use it, and educate the kids about the language of plants.

I am from Taiwan,and is new to this big family. So excited to be here, this semester got an opportunity to work with a disadvantaged community through community involvement class.
This group is a church community located next to industrial region. They hope to grow a traditional farm in their back yard, however, obviously, the land could have been polluted, thus i proposed an idea to them:
Why not build a personal food computer?
sounds new to my teacher, as well as the people. After communication, they began to get it and started to be excited.

Hope, i can continued to press forward to help my team, teacher and the people see the possibility of PFC.
we are just started, still got a long way to go.
we will keep digging in the forum.
just grateful to be here.

thank you all for the amazing effort.