GroCoin/Ethereum Blockchain


I am looking for people interested in helping develop an ethereum blockchain & smart contracts for the food computer, called GroCoin ( Experience with Meteor & Solidity would be very helpful. Please contact me with an email or twitter handle, and we can discuss via text or phone (

My initial thought is that we can use a grocoin blockchain to share grow recipes. It might also be good idea to create a new category in the forum for decentralized apps, something like “Ethereum”, “Blockchains” or “Smart Contracts”…

Idea:Food Computer Network - Blockchain Food Data

That’s a great ideia, indeed, +1 to a category for itself, its like a revolution inside a revolution


Thanks Julien, I agree about the revolution inside a revolution :relaxed:

I think grow recipes make the most sense in the beginning for an ethereum blockchain & smart contracts. Probably start with a simple exchange of sensor data for growing conditions & traceability. I am open to other ideas that are simpler & more easily achieved.

I will reply to your email & we can talk more about adding you to GroCoin’s Github, Bitbucket, & Trello.


Hi @grocoin!

Why Etherium? Are you a MSFT guy/gal?

Hyperledger is also OS and has supply chain lift from Walmart and Maersk.

I’m working with a group doing Hyperledger integration for first/last mile, point-of-origin documentation of ag products. Also check out Ripe.

Can you share your vision and why you want to merge these concepts? Do you see micro-farming as becoming part of a supply chain instead of feeding the owner?




Hi @juhnke, thanks for the note. I am not a MSFT guy, but that Walmart story is what led me to look at Hyperledger and try their Azure Blockchain as a Service. Unfortunately, the platform seemed expensive after the introductory offer expires, around $200/month vs. $30/month for meteor & ethereum.

Thanks for the Ripe link, I had not heard about them. Please let me know when you come across other interesting companies in the space :relaxed:

Regarding vision & merging of concepts, my interest with the food computer & ethereum is to get a proof of concept that can then be used for food servers & food warehouses. Food computers will primarily feed the owner, but I can see how the sharing of recipes could become part of a blockchain. And certainly food servers & food warehouses are a growing segment of the supply chain.

I think the biggest issue with food servers right now is they cost $80-100,000. You have to sell a lot of microgreens to cover costs & your initial investment. My hope with the OpenAg project is that food servers can be built for $20,000, then you would have something that could really scale.


Hi @grocoin. If you’re specifically interested in food supply chain blockchain initiatives using Ethereum, you may also want to look at Provenance and OriginTrail. OriginTrail was just named to the new Walmart Food Innovation Program and won the Walmart “Food Safety Innovation Spark Award”.

Ripe, the company that @juhnke suggested, is doing great things as well. They’ve gotten some great press coverage this week for a tomato-tracking initiative.