Grow Hardware documentation updates?


Hiya folks,

I’m working diligently to bring two food computers into the world. I’m still in the physical gro-hardware build and I’ve noticed a few opportunities to tighten up the instructions. Missing BOM items, mismatched measurements, more explanation to certain parts (hello, white LED strips?). Currently the instructions in the gro-hardware repo are PDF and haven’t been updated in a LOOOOOOONG time. Several have attempted to fork or whatnot, but wouldn’t a wiki serve us, the community, better here?

I know I’d love to help refine the build. Even find ways to source cheaper materials.




Some of us(including myself) have tried forking the repo and fixing the BOM.
There is a PFC 1.0 section in the wiki so we could work on documenting things there as well.


I’ve started to re-update the gro-hardware repository, so please start reporting issues, sending PRs, etc!


There actually is a wiki at I know the lab is pretty open to allowing serious contributors onto the wiki.

What version of the FC are you building? What is your question about the white LED’s. I built a FC V 1 and did have a hard time figuring out the white LED strips. You only need one package of the white LEDs. They are powered by switched 12 V via the relays. They are pretty much optional and you don’t need them in order to grow crops. Search for “White LED Tape Lights” on this blog posting ( to see my notes concerning the white lights made when I was involved in a FC build last year.