Grow tomatoes go/no go


Has any one start growing tomatoes in the food computer ?
I read , somewhere that you need at least 20 cm of water if you grow hydroponic tomatoes with a raft system . Anyway, I launch the experiment, but I wonder if it will go somewhere…

In the meantime we had our first food computer salad this week end… Perfect !


We’ve been growing tomatoes in the aeroponic bay of our prototype Food Server… and they’re crazy delicious!


Its a go then ! thanks !


Hi @gordonb, first I hope to meet you next week at the fall member meeting! I have two questions for you about growing tomatoes in the PFC: do you remember how long it took to grow the tomatoes and whether you had to pollinate its flowers? I planted tomatoes 7 weeks ago, some of the plants are really high, 40 inches approx, and one of them has a few little flowers but nothing much. Any suggestions?

@martinvgb Have you had any experience with tomatoes in your PFC?


@pauanta Hmm, it was a few weeks (maybe 3 - 4 weeks?). We didn’t pollinate. Maybe it has to do with the light regimen? Do you have a roughly equal mix of red/blue? Red light is connected with flowering. My understanding with this grow was that you want to make sure it’s warm enough and the plant gets enough red light so it knows that it is fruiting season.


Tomatoes are self pollinating, meaning each flower has it’s own set of male and female parts. Pollen does need to cross over, but is easily done without the use of insects. However they do need help. Many indoor growers simply use oscillating fans to cause movement and shake pollen from the flowers, as well as circulate it throughout the room. Other growers simply grab the vines and shake them gently to move polling around, other growers use a electric toothbrush and gently touch each flower to vibrate the pollen loose.


I’ve been growing hydroponic tomatoes for the last 3 years. The variety is a big game changer, so you need to select a [bush determinate variety](http://best determinate dwarf tomatoes) otherwise it can grow 8-9 meters easily…
For the FC2.0 I will suggest [Tiny Tim](http://tiny tim tomatoes recipes) or Robin

Cherry tomatoes can have indeterminate vines and regular size can have determinate, so you need to check the type of vine, not the size of the fruit.


today i planted Aft tomato seeds in my aero-hydro experiment chamber. Yes, Aft are literally what i have been calling this variety as it has the aft gene for blue tomato skin color. Technically it is accession LA1996 from the TGRC (Tomato Genetics Research Center). (

Anyway, i chose this variety because i figure it might make an ideal hydro tomato variety. It is determinate (which is rare for me as i generally do better with indeterminate in general), it grows well in my garden (also rare), it was probably one of the most productive tomatoes for me in my tomato growout trial in 2017, and the fruits are very large considering my climate and difficulties i have had locating tomato varieties for my garden thus far. And tomato taste was ok. So all things considered i figured it would be a good variety to experiment with.

I planted an indeterminate yellow cherry tomato that has solanum cheesmaniae ancestry as another test. It has already germinated. I expect it to grow like a monster weed, which may or may not be good for this. haha.