Growing rice, mustard, cotton etc


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We in India are trying to research on feasibility of growing rice, cotton etc hydroponically. We would be working on the reduction of cost incurred for the growth. Would be interested in knowing if anyone in the community is trying to grow other crops apart from the ones for which recipes are available, We would be interested in collaborating


There are not really any “Recipes” yet established beyond those that can be actuated directly onto the V2, which is I believe Arugula and basic leafy greens. I will say that right now, the V2 you cannot obtain lights or a chiller for based on the BOM. So keep that in mind before starting to order parts.

All sorts of people on the forums are growing peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms. I haven’t seen any rice, but I’m extremely interested @house might be as well. @wsnook has some good insight into other projects being done internationally that may be a bit more up your alley. Also, @BioLumo is doing all sorts of stuff with Corn, Maize, and other outdoor crops as well.

On your other post, you mentioned being interested in a simpler food computer. Check out the $300 Food Computer (basic growth chamber with hydroponics, LED lighting, and some temperature control via a Raspberry Pi) as a good place to start, if nothing else you may be interested in the materials we chose as they were designed for being cheap/effective.


That sounds interesting let me know how it goes. From what I understand crops like cotton and rice are a bit far away from growing hydroponically at a commercial scale though.


Thanks for mentioning me. I have grown a variety of things over the past few years. But it should be noted that as of now i have never worked with hydroponic growing before. Other than my small aero/hydro bucket thingy that i mentioned in the fogponics thread i have never before tried this or anything at all closely related to hydroponics other than a previous failed compost tea / hydroponic tomato idea i had a few years ago.

Though, my small experiment bucket seems to be working well so far. The two pepper plants are growing well. I have one leaf lettuce that has grown but seems wispy and flimsy so i don’t particularly think leaf lettuces should be grown in something like this. I planted seeds for a red iceburg type lettuce that i think might do better, but it has not germinated yet. I also have lettuce seed for “butterhead” lettuce that might also do better than a leaf type. I have a lettuce-leaf basil growing slowly i think. And i just planted seeds for an (LA1996) determinate tomato and seeds for Solanum galapagense. I already have a good growing seedling for an indeterminate cherry tomato that has S. cheesmaiae ancestry. It, like the peppers, are growing fast.

I have a much larger bucket i may scale up this experiment with in the near future. It is possible i will try growing a block of Corn (Maize) in it outside in the summer. But, i don’t know yet.


Thank you for sharing this interesting project!

I’m writing to represent interest this “Rice”,“Cotten”,“mustard” growing project. In S.Korea, especially “Rice” is very important crop relate to policy and economic issue. I attached video clip, this company said to research and display using the plant factory and growing rice in buildings.

Till now, some big company in S.Korea trying growing rice in the plant factory, but they prefer growing on the soil, not hydroponics. @rubalchib, Why do you want growing rice through “Hydroponics”? Is it a more strength? or relate to your environment condition?

I hope that keeps touching on this project!

Thank you!


Regarding rice being grown in Plant Factories:

Here is a baseline nutrient formulation for Rice, give it a try: