Growing strawberries or blueberries in tropic climates (Asia)


Hi all;

I’m from Hong Kong and I’m wondering if the micro-climate controlled Food Computer allows me to grow food that otherwise I would not normally be able to grow, given it’s summer at 34 degrees Celsius or 93.2 Fahrenheit.

Can I grow strawberries with a PFC(v2)?

The idea is that you would be able to control the climate inside the chamber to suit the plant’s needs.

The only problem right now is that so far, nobody has managed to build an air cooling system. If the room temperature is higher than the one you’re trying to achieve, you won’t be able to reach it inside the chamber.


Hi Guys,

I’m also in Hong Kong. I’ve been doing Hydroponics for 2 years now, and developing my own framework, but the Food Computer looks great !

georgengwm, if you want to team up !


Hi @bertrand @georgengwm,

I am from Hong Kong as well. I am planning to build a PFC2 to grow food. Are you building PFC2 too? May be we can share local purchasing information?


I have a suggestion but it might be off topic for an OpenAg forum: why not grow heat resistant strawberry? I started with 2 plants and i have about a hundred now in about eleven months, not counting all ive given out. They are not seasonal, fruiting even in our lowland summer here in philippines. I even have some in blloom and in fruit right now


Sounds great! Unfortunately, the choices of strawberry seeds are so limited in Hong Kong, and I have not yet seen heat resistant ones. Are your seeds from Philippines?


I just bought a couple of seedlings (they are actually runners) from someone who grows them in pampanga province, an even hotter and drier place than mine. The plants are very prolific, i even have to cut off the runners so the plants may bloom. I’ll post some pictures asap as soon as i can


Hi Guys,

a little update… I brought back French strawberry bare roots :slight_smile: And they are now in different setups.




So, out of the 120 plants we had… close to 90% that were outdoor died for several reasons (lack of watering in the grow tower, excess humidity, poor lighting conditions) and the only one that survived soir far are really late compared to the controlled atmosphere ones…

It’s really a matter of environmental conditions so the PFC concept is the right way.