Growing strawberrys


Im growing strawberrys in a HPS system
just seeing what other people do for their nutrient rate ppm or EC, what type of fertilizer used (GH) , how many mol/day of light or umol/sec
any one use IR or UV in their growing?, how close do you put your plants to gather. how much co2 do you use
what is the temp and RH in the room? air circulation (CFM)?

Can I grow strawberries with a PFC(v2)?

Hi Jeff,

i am very interested in what you are doing (building a system and a strawberry year round process).

I would love to get in touch with you via the email/phone.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I’m interested to hear more about your grow - you should make a post with some pictures of your system and what your production goals are. As you can see, @Jlniemi has done a great job already documenting his grow on this thread: Building aeroponic system and full automation which has sparked some great discussion!

Are you familiar with Cheri Kubota’s work? Definetely a must if you’re interested in Strawberries.


Hi Peter,

I had a look at the discussions regarding strawberries and that is why I decided to contact Jeff (@Jlniemi).
I actually don’t develop a system myself, but looking for a partner.
Thank you for providing a contact of Cheri Kubota - totally agree - a must and I will explore more.

Btw, have you heard about French start-up Agricool? What do you think about there approach and stated yields - >



It has been some time sents I posted
Been very busy with now building 14x160 building for 3584 strawberry plants goal for a little over 10000 lbs in a year
On the extra side we are building a house too at the same time. It’s been down to -10f already this fall. Makes fun time for building lol