Hackers needed: help run 2.0 software on 1.0 HW


Dear all, a few days ago, I installed open_brain_docker_rpi in a new SD card, inserted it in the RPI of my PFC 1.0 and I was able to start the 2 docker container, and log through http://openaginitiative.github.io/openag_ui/.

I saw the new interface, but nothing happened … It did seem that the Arduino was not working.

Anyone who has make work a PFC 1.0 with 2.0 software, could you please provide some light about the software installation?

Thank you in advance


I have the same question.I saw the new interface of UI but no data inside. Also the arduino didn’t work. I open http://:5984/_utils/ and didn’t see much DB data inside.

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Hi @gordonb,

Is there a way that I can get the data from ds18b20 and use in the dfr0600 code?? I am trying to put both sensors in one code. But I am getting a lot of errors.

Thank You

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