Hardware BOM for Food Computer V2


Looking at this render I see that some kind of perforated square tubes are used.

Does any one knows what are those? It might be some comodity in USA, but they are not in country where I live.


Yeah @jake is working on a complete BOM + release of all CAD models. This render is actually a bit out of date I think. The tubes are standard aluminum tubes. (I’m more SW than mech, so I don’t know much more than that, but we should have it all up soon for Nov release).


I want to budget for this kit - anyone have a ballpark estimate of BOM costs and hours to assemble?


If not aluminum, I think they can be replaced by hollow steel square sections, zinc plated or at least painted with zinc paint. They are more common and I think the smallest is .75 in. or 20 mm


@jake, @gordonb

So how it goes with releasing hardware BOM and CAD files for V2?


Update today! Check for new thread in Forum on V2.0 :slight_smile:


Is there a separate repository for V2.0 that I am missing?

I ask because I’m looking at the standard BOM for 2.0, and I see it is currently a bit light on details as far as specific actuators and sensors go. I popped over to github for the BOM under gro-hardware, but this seems to be the PFC V1.0.

I would imagine that a lot of the actuating hardware is likely the same between the two. I just want to be sure before I start buying this stuff as my funds are SEVERELY limited.

I’m mostly concerned with sensors, actuators/pumps, and lights right now. I have an Rpi and a Mega, with protoshield and connectors coming soon. If someone could confirm that the github gro-harware BOM excel file has the right sensors/actuators, I’ll go ahead and give my wallet a workout.


AFAIK the complete BOM for V2 is not published yet.

From what I can see on github repositories there is a significant difference in sensors from V1 though. For example, current V2 prototype is using Ph and EC from Atlas Scientific which are more precise and designed for continuous probing but cost much more than those used in V1.


Yes, Serein, I think you’re correct. In my excitement for the 11/15 release, I glossed over the fact that this is an “alpha” release with more to come. I’ll step back and be patient. For now, I’m comparing the 2 BOM’s side by side along with the github drivers to determine what equipment I may be able to buy with confidence.


Can i get a full list of the hardware list of the Food Computer V2 please