Hardware Version 4.0


Good afternoon,
I am in contact with a local company for the outsourcing of the manufacturing of the hardware components of the PFC. He looked at the documentation found in the here below files and came back with the comment that the design drawings are not complete as if sill in the design stage… Is there upadates to come ? Should we work with a previous version of the hardware ? if yes, is version 4 of the PCB compatible with a previous version of the hardware ? Thanks

![image|690x368](upload://d9eLFOL1DcCBjURHdzpeHardware version 4.o


@Pierre I saw your direct message. Discussing questions in public forum threads is better because it allows other people to learn from the conversation. Other people will probably have the same questions.

That said, beyond pointing you to the design files, there’s not much I can do to help you with this because it’s a complex subject that is not my area of expertise. Perhaps someone from the OpenAg team can help (/cc @hildreth) .


OK I understand. This morning one of the referred CNC firm listed on Open AG that I had contacted by downloading the available files on their web site, got me a price. I amounts to roughly $3000 USD for only the hardware components ( qty 1 ). Does this make sense ?


I don’t know anything about the going rates for that type of manufacturing. But, I do know that labor for job setup is often a big part of the cost for getting things made. If you asked for a larger quantity, perhaps the cost per unit would be less. I realize that might not be very convenient if you only want one.


looping in Dan (@Poitrast) and @tim on the OpenAg hardware team to see if they’ve got any comment the quote for getting a PFC_EDU unit CNC’d.

thanks for opening this up to the group, @wsnook!