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Hello. I’m not finding the directions very intuitive… I’m trying to get the mechanical parts built. I have contacted the recommended companies Plethora and Xometry and mentioned this project. Neither company had any idea of what I was talking about. Are these companies vetted? Have they been used before by the group?

Secondly, the link on
points to a GitHub repository. Its not very clear which files one would give to the mechanical contractors.

I would benefit from some more pointed direction for this part.

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It seems right now that finding someone to manufacture the mechanical parts for the food computer is the hardest part and often cost prohibitive. I believe it is the “cut files” that you would need to send to these companies, but the files themselves may need cleanup and organization before sending them to a manufacturing company with professional standards.


Hello, can you help me have clean files?


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Yes, I’ve stopped any work on this. I have the interest but not the time to figure it all out. When the files/instructions are more helpful, I may resume.