Herald Business(Korea media) wants to cover PFC!


Hi I’m korean reporter who is working in Herald Business.

We have a big interests in PFC. So we want to visit the site where is building a PFC especially The MIT Media Lab. Also want to interview the people who is in charge of this(eg. porf. caleb harper)

We tried to contact project manager and press channel, but we didn’t get reply yet.

If anybody can help us, please connect us to The MIT Media Lab person interested.

And if anybody can introduce other academy or institute, it is also a big help us.

Thanks and good luck all farmers.


You should first speak with @house and review his thread. He’d be a great candidate to interview: OpenAG in South Korea

@openag is quite busy. I would suggest you start here rather than forums: https://www.media.mit.edu/about/press-visits-and-inquiries/

Here’s a podcast I’m in that may provide you with some context about OpenAg and the local communities that have formed: http://entrepreneuriallythinking.com/2017/10/25/5-1-open-source-agriculture/


Hi I’m Taeil Jung, a korean reporter.
First of all I appreciate replied to me through OpenAg.
Matter of fact I’ve been communicating with @house before I upload the text in OpenAg.
As you guided to me we are talking about PFC project in Korea.
But beside this I want to cover abroad cases like MIT lab, but as you said they are seems to be very busy. I sent email to press channel but there’s no reply so far.
So I need ‘plan B’ that possible to open an opportunity us for PFC covering.
As you did @house recommended you for ideal interviewee.
I listened to your podcast, so helpful and interesting.
And I heard you also participating in OpenAg very actively and have a great experience about PFC, so can I fly to america and visit you?
Also I want to meet PFC community that provide me with various stories about PFC.


@contrail You may have a difficult time finding people to interview about PFC because there has been a lot less OpenAg community activity in the last 6 months compared to 2016 and 2017. All of MIT’s previously released PFC designs–v1, v2, and v2.1–are officially unsupported now. The community designed MVP PFC is the only one that’s currently active. [edit: The community designed MVP PFC is active, but it’s not an official MIT design. There are also several other interesting hydroponic and aeroponic projects people have built and documented here. But, those are also not official OpenAg designs.] People have been waiting to hear from the OpenAg team at MIT about their new designs, but they have been mostly silent for months.

Since the OpenAg team’s update announcement back in March, there have been some interesting instagram pictures and github commits, but, beyond that, it’s not clear what’s going on with the new PFC designs. For background, see this thread: Update from OpenAg - Please Read. If you look at the bottom of the first post, there are links to related threads with additional context.

You could try contacting Caleb on twitter or instagram (calebgrowsfood). He sometimes responds to people there. You could also try reaching out to David or Paula from the OpenAg team (see https://www-prod.media.mit.edu/groups/open-agriculture-openag/people/).


Figured I would share these pics. I just think its so cool when people can connect from opposite sides of the world through OpenAg. It was great to show @contrail some of the work being done here in St. Louis by MARSfarm and @ferguman’s Urban Space Farms to bring technology from Food Computers into our community.