Homebrew Food Computer Club


Hi everyone,

Since October of last year I have been running an organizing in San Francisco called Urban AgTech (Website | Meetup) to discuss urban agriculture technology (vertical farming, indoor growing systems, food computers, etc.). We’re currently a 237 person group of engineers, makers, scientists, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. Our mission is to accelerate innovation in the urban agriculture technology movement.

Now that the FC community is up, running, and thriving; I would like to see if there is interest among the San Francisco Bay Area FC makers to get together in person to discuss the food computer and urban agtech. The “club”, would be in the spirit of the Homebrew Computer Club. I think the first lines of its history on Wikipedia explain my aim:

“The Homebrew Computer Club was an informal group of electronic enthusiasts and technically minded hobbyists who gathered to trade parts, circuits, and information pertaining to DIY construction of computing devices. It was started by Gordon French and Fred Moore who met at the Community Computer Center in Menlo Park. They both were interested in maintaining a regular, open forum for people to get together to work on making computers more accessible to everyone.”

Although this forum is incredibly useful! (I wish I had this when I was building Rose), I have found that being able to discuss issues in person can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the issue. Also, with an in-person meetup we can, for example, better share locally-available resources, find people to collaborate with, and ultimately grow this idea from a hobby to an industry!

I’ve already found a few people who are interested off-line and we’ll be having initial discussions about the club this Tuesday (6/28). See here for details. If you’re interested, leave me a comment on this thread or email me at me [at] adrianllu.com.


Brain_box build for Research
Interview with Agtech entrepreneur

I love the name :fist::fist::computer::seedling:


Hi all,

I’ve managed to secure a regular location twice a month in San Francisco. If any FC makers are looking to collaborate in-person with each other, we meet the first Tuesday of the month at Eco-systm and the third Tuesday at IFTTT.

Here’s our next event: https://www.meetup.com/urbanagtech/events/235428616/

Feel free to contact me at me [at] adrianllu.com if you have any questions!


Congratulations on reaching 30% of your Kickstarter goal for the UrbanAgTech/Homebrew Digital Farm Lab! I figured I’d wake this old thread up for anyone who might not be aware of what your group has already done, and is trying to do. If you’re in the San Francisco area (or know someone who is) definitely keep an eye out for the Digital Farm Lab @adrianlu and his team are putting together. If you’re someone with not a lot of time but an interest and passion in this technology please support their campaign. For the rest of us looking for funding, I think this is a great example and template that others can perhaps replicate.


Thank you @Webb.Peter :pray:t4:

To anyone reading this, I posted a more detailed message about the Digital Farm Lab here.