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What is the best way to help?

my name is Kris Christopher I am the founder of grownanny Incorporated here in Phoenix Arizona. The purpose of grownanny is to help farmers become more profitable and to incorporate new tech into Old farming practices. I believe that in the near future Humanity will be faced with a crisis of needing more food. I believe projects like this one will be a catalyst to a larger paradigm shift. Indoor agriculture in urban environments at low cost with high efficiency is necessary in order for Humanity continue to flourish. I have skills in cplusplus Java JavaScript react and am currently working on Big Data skills. I believe artificial intelligence is the next step in the evolution of this process. I would like to give free of charge any of the project information I have Acquired and hopefully share information or help in any other way possible to further your cause.


Greetings Christopher! Welcome to the forums. It’s great to meet folks innovating in this space and it looks like you’ve got something cooking! I’d love to collaborate with you on soil moisture sensor prototyping, affordable DIY PH/EC control automation, and UX frameworks for distributed sensor networks. I’m currently developing open source projects for these and sharing design/code would be great.

Here’s my repo. Do you have a repo for your projects? It looks like you’ve already developed systems for the things I’ve mentioned above. What solutions are you excited about collaborating on?


Your repo is impressive

I started with the 8266 as well for Wi-Fi capability but when it comes to actually bringing a product to market the option is much more expensive due to electronics certification cost. I chose to use Wireless modules instead. In terms of hardware I started with arduino, raspberrypi combo but now i'm using This allows big data to be saved to visulize trends.

Currently i’m working diligently on the relationship between temperature and humidity to give accurate realtime vapor pressure deficit calculations. I still use the same sensors you do for prototyping so you should not have trouble implementing libraries for drivers. My mentor and all my advisors strongly protest against sharing of intellectual property. So I have not had an active github or node package manager account. The truth is I want this tech to go main stream more than I want to profit from this so I will update progress on my gen 3 prototype. NPM @ GROWNANNY and repo @ Nothing of interest as of yet but stay tuned.

As for the user interface I too decided to go with react components to visualize and abstract data. The stack is MERN. MongoDB(mongoose), ExpressJS, React/Redux and NodeJS. Im in a big data course and am working to implement python functionality through numPy, SciKit learn, PyTorch with an SQL database instead.

I purchased a boilerplate UI but the opensource equivalent can be found here I will publish my work on individual components at the GitHub mentioned above.

My goal is to connect all farms to one central data lake and find out what the best course of action is.

Also AWS has opensource libraries to use image recognition on plants. That coupled with ultrasonic(cheap) or LIDAR(expensive) data calculate growth rates and help to constantly train the model. Im in the early stages of big data but I would highly suggest checking out AWS. You get 1 million calls per month free. Ive only ever had a bill once of $30 for leaving on image recognition for a month.

Hope any of this helps. Look forward to adding more usable input. Will post here as well. Thanks again Drew!


To be honest both of my experiments with peristaltic pumps feeding reservoirs with nutrients acids and bases have failed and killed all of my plants LOL will update when I get this working more efficiently. This is the most dangerous part of the entire project. One mistake can you lose all your customers


OpenAg, and thus the context of the forum, is based on open source solutions and knowledge sharing. I respect the classic entrepreneurial approach, but know that as a business owner you’ll face the challenge of having to balance what you take from this site and what your contribute.

Great! I’m looking forward to seeing what you post and what you’d like to contribute to the project! I’m not a member of the OpenAg team btw, just a forum goer like you who happens to have a similar story :wink: .

What is you end goal with this datastore? OpenAg has already implemented a decent ingestion pipeline, consider contributing to it. @rbaynes is a good person to connect with when you’re ready to help on that front.

I look forward to collaborating with you if/when you decide to open up your designs and code-base!


Hello! I’m another newcomer looking to get involved. I’m working now on urban farming sites in DC, and so am building a cheap LoRA soil moisture (and ambient environment) sensor for my plants. We also have hydroponic systems in locations without wifi, so would love to work on affordable EC/pH modules. @Drew I’m very interested in collaborating

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Hi @feteru! Nice to meet you! I’ll PM you about specifics. Thanks for reaching out!