How do I build a food server (not a food computer)? HELP!


I am not a techy or an architect. The most complicated things I have built is ikea furniture.

With that said, I have a very very very large vegetable garden in my backyard just north of VANCOUVER BC where I can convert to a food server.

I am tired of unpredictable climate of BC, the fluctuation in bee pollination and bugs killing my vegetables.

I am open to building a food sever and spending a pretty penny on it if I can get help building it (schematics, blue prints, videos, instructions anything).



Food server is not yet ready.


Do you know if they want to build/test it anywhere? If so they can use my backyard. I can fund it.


They are only testing it for now. It may take a while since right now they are focusing on food computer. If you want it on your backyard, you should check with your local government.


I can be done


There’s a lot of interested farmers it seems in Canada, one farmer I can think of is Curtis Stone, you should check out his YouTube page, exciting stuff!