How does the recipe work?


Hi fellow hay hats :slight_smile:

I been looking at the gro file and would like to know if my assumptions are correct?

Time format:

If I got this straight that clock starts when you set the recipe from zero?

Short codes
SLIN - Light intensity
SATM - Grow space temperature
SAHU - Grow space humidity

000:00:00:00 SLIN 0 // sets light intesity to 0. Effectively turning of the grow lights
000:00:00:00 SATM 26 // sets the grow space temperature to 26 celsius
000:18:00:00 SATM 23 // After 18 hours the grow space temp is dropper to 23 celsius
001:00:00:00 SATM 26 // When the clock hits 24 hours or one day the temp is set to 26 celsius
001:18:00:00 SATM 23 //
002:00:00:00 SATM 26 // There is a night and day schedule here. 18 hours day with 26 celsius
002:18:00:00 SATM 23 // and 6 hours night of 23 celsius
003:00:00:00 SATM 26 //
003:18:00:00 SATM 23 //
004:00:00:00 SLIN 100000 // Lights on by setting the light intesity to 100k lumens
004:00:00:00 SATM 26 // Daytime temperature
004:00:00:00 SAHU 50.0 // Setting the desired humidity to 50%
004:18:00:00 SLIN 0 // Night time lights
004:18:00:00 SATM 23 // Night time temperature
005:00:00:00 SLIN 100000 // Sunrise planties :slight_smile:

SACO - Can you set the desired CO2 level?

Wanted to know whats up with the white led light strip? It seems to be constantly on in the grow chamber for me?
Is there a way for me to see the recipe timer run and maybe the part of the recipe it is running?

What if I unplug the RPi? Will it remember the spot it was on or will the recipe start from scratch?


The first part is right.
You can set the desired CO2 level. If the sensor readings get higher than what you’ve set, it turns on the vent fan.
I don’t know about the white led strip because I’m not using it.
About the timer, there isn’t one. You could calculate the running time based on the recipe start time and the last sensor update time. To see the update time you can look at bot_ip/sensingPoint/2/value/ and the start time in the recipe run url (not sure exactly where).
If you restart the RPi, when you turn it on again it will pick up from where it stopped.


Great stuff. Thanks @MateusDelalibera


@silversson: Hi Jussi. where can I find this gro file ?
Can it be edited with a text editor ?


@Peperoni, I think there is a forum post somewhere in our forum. Also It might be somewhere in The PFC github repo. It is easy to edit with any text editor :slight_smile:


@silversson: OK, is it not somewhere in the RPI build ? just need the correct name so I can look for it…thanks


Maybe *.gro
I don’t know where it is as I been copying them everywhere in my file structure :slight_smile:


I’m able to chime in a bit here on the file structure. Once the *.gro files get imported using the unity interface, they get renamed a bit on the filesystem. They get renamed into something called file_.dat, for instance “file_hBASpiq.dat” and they are located in /var/www/gro_api/media/recipes/ . You can still edit them with a text editor, although you’ll need to restart the recipe for the changed to take affect. I hope this was useful.

Post Your Recipies Here!

ToeSmack, you’ve changed the life of my plants forever. I was looking to import my own recipes (although the unity interface refused to cooperate) and couldn’t find the file on the pi. This fixes everything!


Hi Mateus,

I’m a newcomer trying to understand at least some basics before building my own fc.
I noted that a generic recipe takes into account:

-Light intensity
-Air Temperature
-Water Temperature
-Electrical conductivity
-Did I miss something??

Furthermore, the fc shopping list points to some generic JR fertilizer.

I guess this last one is the key parameter to be taken into account if I want to grow something which has exactly the taste I’m looking for.
For instance, if I want to feel again the pleasure of when I ate the spaghetti with tomato grown at the foot of Vesuvio (and sharing my recipe with the rest of the world) I need to tweak my fertilizer to match as much as possible the chemical composition of that ground (poor organic substances, Si and K reach,…).
What do you think about?

Another parameter I don’t know if it could affects plant grow is the pressure. Any clue?