How to get access to personal Food Computer for Education?


I want to ask about how to get access for personal food computer for education in the
It said permission denied,
Is there any way get accessfor these?
Thx :slight_smile:


Your question is confusing. What are you trying to do? It would help if you provide more information. For example, which URL did you try to visit when you saw the error message?

If you want to view MIT’s OpenAg wiki pages, you should be able to just go to and start reading. If you want to read about the community MVP food computer design, you should be able to visit the links given in this post: $300 Food Computer - MVP. None of those pages should require you to log in to anything. If you see an error about permissions for those pages, perhaps there is a problem with your DNS configuration or your network connection.

If you want to ask questions about food computers, you can ask them here.


Ive been interested in building the pfc for the last 2-3 months, the only thing that makes me not do it is that beause i saw some post that new build is coming this october.
Yesterday i saw this update on the openag wiki

But i cannot acces it, im wondering if it is the new build for the pfc


Oh… okay. Yeah, I see what you mean. I get the same error message. Thanks for pointing me to that page. I didn’t know about it before.

It looks like the pfc_edu_1.0 page is a draft that hasn’t been made public yet. Rob said that the OpenAg team at MIT will announce their new food computer design and software later this month. Probably they will make the wiki page public as part of that announcement.

For now, these are the only technical details I’ve seen about the pfc_edu design:


Ah i see
Thx for the update:)
Im looking forward for the new build


Caleb provides some good updates via his Twitter/Instagram. He mentioned the other day that @openag would be announcing something in the next two weeks:

PFC edu 3.0 pages