How to hydroponic 4th edition


Cool book by Keith Roberto illustrates the hydroponic growing process, and includes step-by-step hydroponic systems.

CO2 range to measure? Looking for an alternative sensor

Very interesting. A quick glance apears very fruitful. I will read more of this later. Thanks

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to share a book about hydroponic cultivation, it’s a collection of researches provided by intech open.
I hope that will fit someone

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This is an EXCELLENT resource. I appreciate you posting:

Some of my favorite parts:


Any other content you’ve come across would be greatly appreciated. @wsnook has already put together a good collection here: Technical books, publications, and links on hydroponics & CEA


Recently, I’ve made some research about CEA and I’ve found a rich informational book, I hope this will give a lot of help.
Greenhouse Engineering, NRAES-33 By Robert A. Aldrich and John W. Bartok