How to prepare for PFC 2.0


I want to build a food computer and saw there is 2.0 version soon, is there something to do to prepare for it, maybe reading material or physical materials to prepare?

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Has anyone heard when 2.0 will be coming out? Last timeline I heard was the Aug-Sep originally posted.


November 15th as stated in the post


Thanks! Missed that one



I would like to know about the software too if possible please, I already know how to use Arduino but do I have to learn Raspberry pi ? and what other languages that I might learn to help me achieve more ?

Thanks a lot and I hope we all have great success


at the risk of ripping off Oasis…TODAY IS GONNA BE THE DAY :wink: Check for a new thread in the forum for V2.0 release


Does PFC 2.0 include new hardware designs? In other words, can I follow the PFC 1.0 hardware build guide without a bunch of work for myself when upgrading to 2.0?



The PFC V1 uses different hardware then V2. You can find the V2 BOM (and other info) here: However you could in theory build a V1 PFC and control it using the V2 electronics, sensors, and actuators.